Katy’s Story – A Quality of Life

I had the great pleasure and blessing of being referred to Dr. Jasek by another amazing vet.  At the time, our 13-year-old black lab, Katy, had been diagnosed with liver cancer.  Given Katy’s age, we didn’t want to put her through surgery or chemo and thus, Dr. Jasek became her lifeline.

Dr. Jasek recommended treating ‘like with like’ and giving Katy organic chicken livers, along with supplements such as Milk Thistle to nourish her liver.  Most importantly, Dr. Jasek administered weekly ozone treatments and Katy thrived for 18 more months, before leaving us at 14 -1/2 years old.

We miss Katy every day and yet I couldn’t have been more grateful for Dr. Jasek’s amazing care, recommendations, and giving us such wonderful quality time with our beloved girl. Katy had an amazing quality of life during those 18 months, and I relayed to Dr. Jasek that “She’s doing better than I am on many days!”

Thankfully, the two labs we have today are healthy, happy, and benefiting from all of Dr. Jasek’s recommendations on care and nutritional foods.

Karen B.  –  Castle Rock, CO