Suzie’s Official Vet

Here at Suzie’s CBD Treats, we are confident in our capability to manufacture CBD products for your pet that are not only pure and effective, but also affordable. We pride ourselves in transparency and we are committed to your pets health and wellness. However, we are not medical professionals, nor do we claim to be. Even though CBD is generally regarded as safe, we still advise our customers to seek veterinary advice before using CBD, especially when treating complex medical conditions.

We refer all of our customers to Dr. Judy. Suzie’s CBD has been proudly partnered with Dr Judy as our trusted holistic veterinarian since the inception of our company. She is an expert in the field of holistic medicine and she has extensive knowledge about how to find and use cannabis products that are safe for your pet. Dr. Judy is a wealth of information, and will help you to devise a successful treatment plan that is customized to your pets needs.

If you are holistic minded and want a vet that understands and values your philosophies, Dr Judy is the perfect fit. She is patient, kind, and diligent and will work hard to find a holistic solution to most of your pets ailments. Even though Suzie’s has mainly utilized her to provide CBD advice to our ourselves and our customers, she excels in other areas of alternative medicine as well. Some of her specialities include but are not limited to; nutrition counseling, alternative cancer treatments, and implementing appropriate supplements to promote whole body health and wellness.

Megan Stoll – Co-Owner Suzies Pet Treats