• Mile Hi Dog: Dr. Judy on Cancer Treatment Alternatives for Pets, as published in the June/July 2019 edition of Mile Hi Dog Magazine. If your browser doesn’t support the e-page viewer used on their site, you can also view the article here.


Raw Dog Food & Company

  • Interview 1: What is the best food to feed an immune compromised dog? Best cancer treatment: Chemo or alternative medicine? Bacteria in the raw diet, etc.
  • Interview 2: The rabbies vaccine: pros, cons, legalities, and titer testing. Raw feeding vs. kibble and prescription diets.
  • Interview 3: Getting your pets gut balanced and healthy. What to feed a dog with IBD or Pancreatitis.
  • Interview 4: Vitamin D and Fat support gut, brain, & heart health, and help prevent cancer. The best source of vitamin D and Fats for pets.
  • Interview 5: Grains…do pets need them to be healthy? Getting pets on wellness programs that minimize vaccines and optimize nutrition.
  • Interview 6: Is dairy an appropriate food for dogs? Dairy links to inflammation, protein cross-reactivity, and generally reducing cancer potential.
  • Interview 7: Should you worry about Salmonella in Raw Dog Food? Is There Any Truth to The FDA Witch Hunt of Raw Dog Food Manufacturers? Trusting your own eyes and experience.


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