Do you need some long-distance help with your pet?  There is a lot I can do to help even if I am unable to see your pet in person.

I will review medical records including lab results, x-rays and other imaging results, as well as physical exam notes from your regular veterinarian. You can also send pictures and videos to help me get a better idea of what is going on with your pet.

I am ready to help in any area that you would like to learn more about, including holistic treatment options, vaccine alternatives, and diet.

We can arrange a phone consultation instead of a regular office visit.  We can also arrange follow-up visits on the phone if that is more convenient.

I ask that phone consults are pre-paid at a rate of $120 per hour with a 15 minute minimum.  We can adjust the payment amount after the call if necessary, or if all the time is not used, we will transfer it to the next appointment.

To schedule a consultation:

  1. Choose and pre-pay a consultation option below, then…
  2. Call 720 515-2421 or use the contact form to schedule your appointment time.

Thank you!

Consultation Options: