Early Cancer Detection

Detecting cancer early can dramatically improve our chances of a successful treatment program.  With dogs and cats, we often do not see the signs of cancer until the disease is more advanced, making it much harder to treat.  This is especially true for cats, who are experts at hiding early disease symptoms.

We can now test for some key indicators in the blood that will tell us if your pet is at an increased risk for developing cancer. One of these is a marker that indicates abnormal cell division, which is a well-known characteristic of cancer cells.  The other is a measure of inflammation, which is present in all dis-ease states in the body.  While inflammation does not specifically point to a diagnosis of cancer, when present along with abnormally dividing cells, it is highly suggestive and indicates looking further.

We will immediately take steps to reduce inflammation, support the immune system, and slow the growth of cancer.  We can then proceed with other tests such as x-rays and ultrasound to look for the formation of cancer in the body.