Cancer Consults

Hearing the word cancer can be terrifying, and there is often an immediate impulse to attack and kill it as quickly as possible.  My approach is quite different.  I believe that if we do not look for the imbalances that caused the cancer in the first place, then we will not be successful in treating and preventing it. The treatment process MUST include a plan to support the natural healing ability of the body.  You can learn more about my treatment plans here.

My consults are customized to the specific circumstances surrounding your pet’s case.  I will ask for a detailed history, and all pertinent past medical records. My objective is to preserve the quality of life of your pet as much as possible, and for as long as possible.

I will design a treatment plan with you and your pet in mind.  I will recommend diagnostic testing appropriate for your pet’s situation. We will then move forward and continue to monitor your pet’s progress and make adjustments as needed.  There is no magic-bullet, one treatment approach.  This will be a comprehensive wellness program designed specifically for your pet.

If you are in the Denver, Colorado area, then I would be honored to see you and your pet in person.  If you are out of the area, I am happy to schedule a phone consultation, including a full review of your pet’s medical records.  I will then make treatment recommendations that you can follow wherever you live.