In my 30 years of practice experience, I have seen many changes in the types of conditions that I treat.  For me, the saddest of these is the dramatic and ongoing increase in cancer cases.  To further the impact of the increase in numbers is the concurrent evidence that conventional treatments are not improving survival rates or the quality of life of pet patients.

I can see clearly that a different approach is desperately needed in order to help treat and, most importantly, prevent this potentially deadly condition.  I have found that the key here is to look at what causes cancer in the first place. Conventional methods target the tumor, or body system affected, without looking at where cancer actually comes from.  There are some schools of thought that suggest that cancer is solely a genetic disease, and its occurrence is simply ‘bad luck’.  If this were true, then why have we seen the dramatic increase in cases in the last few decades?  The genetics of our pets have not changed significantly in that time frame.  The missing consideration here is that we can influence the expression of genes and the development of cancer by changing the diet and minimizing toxins.

The formation of cancer is influenced by many factors. These include inappropriate nutrition, over vaccinating, toxins in the environment, and stress.  This actually explains the increase in cancer if you consider the progressive contamination of our food supply with pesticides and herbicides, increasing numbers of vaccines being given to pets, increases in pollution and water contamination, and a dramatic increase in the use of electronic devices that emit frequencies that damage the cells of not only our pets, but humans as well. In addition, many conventional treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy have side effects that block the body’s natural healing ability.  So what option do we have?

I have witnessed the amazing ability of the body to heal given proper support, and I know that cancer can be prevented and treated most effectively by addressing the reasons for its formation and supporting the body’s natural ability to heal. The appearance of cancer is not an isolated incident; it is merely the tip of the iceberg, a sign of a much greater underlying imbalance. In order to treat cancer, and prevent its recurrence, we must address the underlying causes.

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