Dr Judy received her formal education at Colorado State University, including a bachelor’s degree in Zoology in 1984, and her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1988.  Following graduation, she started her career in a rural, mixed-animal practice in Pocatello, ID. She then relocated to the Salt Lake City, UT area before returning to Denver, CO in 2001. She purchased the Belleview Animal clinic in Englewood in 2003, which she transitioned from a conventional practice to one with a strong holistic foundation. She sold this practice in 2015 in order to pursue a new direction in her professional path.

She initially took a break from practice and learned the value of self-care in supporting her future endeavors.  Her decision to specialize in caring for cancer patients stems from the dramatic increase she has seen in cancer cases, both in her pet patients, and in the people in her life.  She is wholly committed to making a contribution that minimizes the prevalence of this devastating disease.

Using the expertise gained in 30+ years of practicing, Dr Judy has developed a unique approach to both treating and preventing cancer.  Her approach looks at the whole animal, and supports the healing ability of the body with proper nutrition, detoxification, along with addressing the causes of cancer.  She then uses tools such as ozone, herbs, essential oils, and specific diet recommendations to prevent the growth and spread of cancer in the body.

She has also developed wellness plans designed to prevent the development of diseases such as cancer in the first place. Her customized programs are appropriate for pets of all ages. She has a personal mission to begin to see a decrease in the increasing number of cancer patients in the next ten years.

Outside of seeing clients, she has found that spending time in nature is both inspiring and rejuvenating. She loves to spend time hiking, snowshoeing, and camping with her husband Chris. At home she enjoys reading, learning, meditating, and practicing yoga and Qigong.

Her personal pets and teachers are Wylie and C-Jay, two Chihuahuas who are always in her shadow.