I named this site Pet Cancer Therapy because I have a special passion for educating pet guardians about alternatives to conventional cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation.  There is, however, much more to what I offer in that I am committed to helping all pets live long, healthy lives.  Of course, a healthy lifestyle will, in effect, help prevent cancer.  You can read more specifics about my cancer treatment protocols here.

In order to decrease the incidence of dis-ease such as cancer in our pets, we must intervene before we see the outward signs and symptoms. Puppies and kittens should be on wellness programs that includes minimal vaccines and optimal nutrition.  Healthy adult pets should continue on appropriate nutrition while further minimizing vaccines and other pharmaceuticals.  Later in life, older pets need additional support, and there are many options to choose from that are gentle and nourishing, not taxing to the body.  In addition, appropriate diagnostic testing is important to take a more detailed look inside and begin to address issues before they come to the surface. There is more information about my approach to wellness here.

I do believe that conventional medicine has its place, especially in emergencies and short-term stabilization.  In most cases, however, it is not the best choice for long term use.  Most importantly, I treat each pet and its guardian(s) as a unique case and work to develop a wellness or treatment plan that is the best fit for all involved.

The one thing that I do not provide is a magic-bullet approach to health.  There is no one pill, herb, supplement, or diet that will ‘fix’ your pet.  My plans will require some time and energy on your pet to create the life that your pet deserves.  I can guarantee that the benefits will far outweigh the additional effort and expense.  My goal is to spare you the heartbreak of cancer and other serious disease conditions and enjoy your pet for many years.