Do you have questions about the type of care your pet has been receiving?

Are you wondering about alternatives to traditional veterinary care?

Although trained in traditional medicine, I have evolved my practice philosophy to treat all my patients with a holistic approach. This means that I look at the whole animal, including nutrition, physical, emotional, and environmental factors that may interfere with healing and optimal health. I believe that each animal has an amazing ability to heal if given the correct tools.

My focus is to help your pet lead the best life possible, which means giving its body as much support as possible. This is different from the more traditional approach of killing and destroying disease. The tools that I use include nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and environmental support. I am happy to work with your current veterinarian if this is available, and as part of my consultation I will review all pertinent past medical records.

With today’s electronic technology, I can offer assistance without the need to see your pet in my office. Medical records and imaging such as x-rays and ultrasound can be sent via e-mail. I can also view photos and/or videos of your pet if necessary to get a better idea of what is going on. This is not a substitute for regular examinations and at times certain diagnostic tests such as bloodwork, x-rays, and biopsies may be necessary. These should be done with your regular veterinarian or with a veterinarian closer to where you live.

I am ready to help in any area that you would like to learn more about, including holistic treatment options, vaccine alternatives, and diet.

I am currently offering the following consultation formats:
Comprehensive holistic consult:

  • One hour phone consultation
  • One month of e-mail follow-up
  • Complete review of medical history. All records must be received 48 hours prior to the scheduled consult to allow time to review.

Price: $150

Follow-up consults:

  • 15 minute phone consultation (must have had a previous consultation for this option)

Price: $30

To schedule, please call 720 515-2421 or use the contact form. Thank you!