My background:

I received my formal education at Colorado State University, including a bachelor’s degree in Zoology in 1984, and my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 1988.  Following graduation, I started my career in a rural, mixed-animal practice in Pocatello, ID.  I then relocated to the Salt Lake City, UT area before returning to the Denver, CO area in 2001. I purchased the Belleview Animal Clinic in 2003 where I began a profound transition into holistic medicine.  In July, 2015, I sold Belleview in order to begin yet another adventure in my career.

All veterinarians are trained in traditional medicine and I followed this path for 16 years following graduation from veterinary school.  I was initially guided towards holistic medicine after an experience I had with a horse I owned that was helped tremendously by a chiropractor.  From that point,  I have pursued my own education in alternative therapies, and while I was at Belleview, began to add many new modalities into my practice.

I am now taking a new direction in my career that will allow me to focus exclusively on holistic care.

In my life outside of veterinary practice, I enjoy yoga, reading, and spending time outdoors hiking, camping and snowshoeing.  I have 2 pets and teachers of my own – 2 chihuahuas named C-Jay and Wylie.